All eyes on you – Increase the visibility of your research like a pro!

All eyes on you – Increase the visibility of your research like a pro!

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Being a researcher is tough! That is the hard truth about academic research and publishing today. In the competitive academic world, you need to constantly be on your toes to succeed and stay ahead in the game. Of course, you MUST publish your research in academic journals to improve your academic profile. But only having a list of academic publications to your credit is no longer enough.

    Today, you need to demonstrate impact, by sharing your                                      
research and by ensuring that people take notice of your work.

The task of promoting your work and increasing your visibility might appear daunting and make you nervous. But don’t worry! This course will show you how you can boost your career and reputation by making yourself and your work more visible online. It shares eight avenues you can explore to promote your paper and make an impression. The idea is to help you decide which platforms you can promote your work on and learn how you can build a strong online profile. The course also includes some FAQs, great videos, and interesting exercises, to help you create a great strategy for promoting your work.

Your Instructor

I am Jayashree Rajagopalan and I am a Senior Writer and Editor at Editage Insights. IJayashree am passionate about scholarly publishing and about helping researchers communicate their discoveries to the world. I create useful resources to help researchers navigate their academic life and publication journey. I develop informative and educational videos, Infographics, puzzles, SlideShare presentations, and learning resources (like this course) on various aspects of academic research and publishing. I also interview experienced researchers and publishing professionals to help researchers understand best publication practices and write about various aspects of academic research and publishing. Class Curriculum

I have earned two Master’s Degrees, one in English Literature from Mumbai University, India, and another in Children’s Literature from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. My experience as an academic editor at Editage has led me to develop a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors. And the experience of working on my own research during my postgraduate degree gave me a taste of a researcher’s life and struggles – from preparing a research paper and building a strong academic network to liaising with journal editors and publishing a journal article. Some of my published works include infographics on reasons for manuscript rejection and tips to help researchers choose the right journal for their paper; SlideShare presentations on 10 Ways to reduce word count in research papers and the types of articles journals publish; videos on career fair mistakes researchers make and open access myths; and interviews with Nobel Laureate Takaaki Kajita and Dr. Jonas Ranstam, the world’s most prolific peer reviewer. I have also authored a paper on Indian children’s cinema titled Heal the World, Make It a Better Place: Social and Individual Hope in Indian Children’s Cinema (DOI: 10.1353/bkb.2013.0020). Outside work, I am aficionado of comics, superhero sagas, children’s literature, and several types of visual art.


Why you should be thinking about making your research more visible
Let's look at the larger picture
What's in it for you?
A self-searching exercise before we begin
Strategy #1 - Collaborate collaborate collaborate
What is research collaboration?
How will collaboration help you?
Quick tips to help you collaborate
Strategy #2 - Make your identity solid
What’s in a name? Everything!
Commonly asked questions about ORCID and other identifiers
Strategy #3 - Get the main parts of your paper right!
How you say it matters a lot
An effective abstract is the sign of a good research paper
A great title will make your paper stand out
Choose the right keywords to make your paper accessible
Strategy #4 - Open up your research to the world
Open access and visibility go hand in hand
Green and gold OA publishing
Myths about open access publishing
Strategy #5 - Adopt M&M – Mingle and Meet
Why do you need to meet people and network?
Handy networking tips for conference attendees
Strategy #6 - Use social media and researcher platforms
Go social – Use social media to your advantage
You need an online CV
Life saving tips to help you interact online
Strategy #7 - Discover the blogger in you
Why should you blog?
Quick tips to help you blog
Strategy #8 - SHOW your research to people
Why do you need to visualize your research?
Bring your research to life with a graphical abstract
Make a movie about your research with a video abstract
Concluding section
A video on research engagement
Bonus tips: Platforms that help research promotion and engagement
Quick revision
Final assessment
Course completion certificate - information