How to conduct a literature search and review

How to conduct a literature search and review

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What will you learn?

  1. The techniques for evaluating information sources
  2. The methods for drafting a comprehensive literature review
  3. Online search techniques
  4. How to use the internet and other formal and informal channels to obtain information

Why should you enroll?

Enroll in this course to understand how to stay updated about new publications and search for previous publications. This course provides quick and useful tips to become competent in knowing how to look through citations, formulate keywords, use reference managers, identify relevant journals, and follow alerts.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Objectives

Lecture 3: Evaluate information sources

Lecture 4: Examine Bibliographic citations

Lecture 5: Assess the source content

Lecture 6: Comprehensive literature review

Lecture 7: Draft a comprehensive literature review

Lecture 8: Internet search

Lecture 9: Key online search techniques

Lecture 10: Evaluate internet sources

Lecture 11: Other sources of information

Lecture 12: Summary