Responding to peer reviewer comments (Advanced course)

Responding to peer reviewer comments (Advanced course)

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What's in the Course

Improve your chances of acceptance in the journal of your choice with these foolproof strategies to revise and resubmit your manuscript.

From this video lectures you will be able to:

  • Understand how to approach peer review comments more confidently 
  • Learn to respond to peer reviewers and journal editors to get one step closer to getting published
  • Improve your manuscript chances of acceptance by fixing the most glaring issues in your paper
  • You will also get interactive exercises and quizzes to enable you to test your understanding of the lectures

    We have also thrown in some interactive exercises and quizzes to enable you to test your understanding of the lectures. You can always share your comments or queries with us by leaving your comments in the course, or by writing to us at

    Note: This is a video-based course. So make sure you are in a quiet place or have your headphone on so that you can listen to the priceless tips Prof. Caven is about to share.

    Your Instructor

    Prof. CavenProf. Caven Mcloughlin, PhD, is Professor at Kent State University, Ohio, USA. A qualified school psychologist, Prof. Caven’s works at Ohio’s largest school psychology preparation program and instructs students in early childhood school psychology. He has been a special education classroom teacher and administrator as well as a school counselor. 
    For over 25 years, he has been conducting federally funded training programs for interdisciplinary leadership personnel who work with toddlers, infants, and newborns. Prof. Caven is also a Fulbright Specialist, and travels to different parts of the world to conduct informative and instructive workshops on academic publishing. He is a prolific researcher and has published over 100 research papers and chapters as well as written, edited, or contributed to 10 books. He is the Editor of the Sage journal School Psychology International.  
    Prof. Caven has also contributed to the advanced learning track of the Editage Insights training course on peer reviewing, where he instructs new and experienced reviewers about the best way to review the methodology in a scientific manuscript. You might also be interested in reading his interview with Editage Insights where he shares timeless tips for researchers.

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    Class Curriculum

    Lesson 1 - Understanding the journal's decision
    A manuscript’s journey from submission to publication
    Introducing the most common type of journal decision
    What does journal rejection mean?
    Lesson 2 - Things to remember before responding to reviewers’ comments
    How to get started
    Quick tips before you start revising your paper
    Lesson 3 - Dealing with different types of review comments and revision requests
    Know what the journal editor expects from you
    Requests for word reduction
    Requests for additional data
    Conflicting reviewer comments
    Lesson 4 - Considering other aspects that matter
    Look at the big picture when revising your paper
    Tables, figures, and data
    The need to prepare a well-written manuscript
    Keywords are important
    Focus on the impact of your work
    References, co-author approval, and more
    Lesson 5 - A deeper look at peer reviewer comments
    Are reviewers always right?
    Do you respect your peer reviewers?
    It’s your decision to make
    Lesson 6 - Tying up loose ends before you resubmit
    The role of the corresponding author
    Be your own reviewer
    What to include in the resubmission cover letter
    Lesson 7 - Concluding the course
    Summarizing what we have learned so far
    Time to look into the rearview mirror
    What's next?
    Lesson 8 - Bonus tips, downloadable resources, videos, and more
    Downloadable checklists and more resources
    Video - How to respond to peer review comments
    Video - What makes a great submission package?
    Test your knowledge
    Certificate information
    The Premium course