Write a strong introduction section

Write a strong introduction section

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What will you learn?

  1. Difference between an abstract and an introduction
  2. Writing a good introduction for your paper or thesis
  3. Step-by-step understanding of what to include in the introduction
  4. Tips and tricks to get your introduction right

Why should you enroll?

This handbook is ideal for any researcher wanting to create a strong first impression. This handbook comprises of handy steps, expert tips, checklists and other details so that you can write the introduction of your paper like a pro! Your introduction can play an instrumental role in setting a great tone and context for the rest of your paper and can gain you readership.

What topics will you cover?

Chapter 1: Of party hosts and the introduction section

Chapter 2: How is the abstract different from the introduction?

Chapter 3: When should you write the introduction?

Chapter 4: How to write the introcuction-A-Step-By-Step-Process

Chapter 5: Sample analysis

Chapter 6: The don’ts to crafting the perfect introduction

Chapter 7: Checklist to ensure you don't miss anything

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Chapter 9: Bonus Chapter- Top 3 tips to write a great introduction