Video course – Effective Strategies To Revise And Resubmit Your Manuscript

Has the journal asked you to “revise and resubmit” your paper?
That’s a good sign! Revise and re-submit means that the journal editor sees some promise in your work! You still have a chance.


Often, authors think of journal submission in terms of two decisions – ACCEPT or REJECT.

But the truth is that between these two there is one important journal decision that needs to be considered – REVISE and RESUBMIT. 

Authors feel extremely anxious when journal editors ask them to resubmit a paper after making some changes to it. Being asked to revise and resubmit is not a bad thing.

In this video course, Prof Caven Mcloughlin an experienced journal editor and industry expert, tells you how you should approach the “revise and re-submit” decision with confidence so that you can increase your chances of getting that acceptance letter!



✎ What does the course contain? 

A lot of useful tips and tricks to help you deal with the process of revising and resubmitting your paper to a journal, from understanding peer reviewer comments to knowing what to include in the resubmission letter

✎ Is there a lot of reading?

Not at all! This is a video-based course so just plug in your headphones, find yourself a quiet corner, and start listening to some great advice!

✎ Who is the Instructor?

The course has been facilitated and curated by Jayashree Rajagopalan, Senior Writer and Editor at Editage Insights. Jayashree is passionate about scholarly publishing and about helping researchers communicate their discoveries to the world. She has developed informative and educational videos, Infographics, puzzles, SlideShare presentations, and learning resources (like this course) on various aspects of academic research and publishing.

She also interviews experienced researchers and publishing professionals to help researchers access various perspectives about scholarly publishing as well as writes about various aspects of academic research and publishing. Her experience as an academic editor at Editage led her to develop a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors. And the experience of working on her own research during my postgraduate degree gave her a taste of a researcher’s life and struggles.

Jayashree has earned two Master’s Degrees, one in English Literature from Mumbai University, India, and another in Children’s Literature from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. 

✎ Who is in the video lectures?

The video lectures in this course are delivered by Prof. Caven Mcloughlin who is a PhD and a Professor at Kent State University, Ohio, USA. Prof. Caven is a qualified school psychologist, special education classroom teacher and administrator as well as a school counselor.

He is also a Fulbright Specialist, travels to different parts of the world to conduct informative and instructive workshops on academic publishing, and is the Editor of the Sage journal School Psychology International. Prof. Caven has also contributed to the advanced learning track of the Editage Insights training course on peer reviewing, where he instructs new and experienced reviewers about the best way to review the methodology in a scientific manuscript.

✎ How will I benefit from the course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
✔ Approach peer review comments more confidently
✔ Understand exactly what journal editors and reviewers expect from you
✔ Know how to address each reviewer comment and fix every major problem in your paper
✔ Reply to peer reviewers and journal editors in the most effective way
✔ Improve your chances of acceptance

✎ Are there any course plans?

✎ Still not sure if this is the right course for you?

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