13 Things you always wanted to know about open access publishing

13 Things you always wanted to know about open access publishing

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What's in the handbook?

Today, more and more researchers are exploring open access publishing and many journals, publishers, and funders are considering open access. Open access is being taken more seriously today. The underlying idea is that it helps increase the impact of scientific discovery by making research findings freely accessible. But often researchers are afraid to try out open access publishing because they don’t know what it means or worry that publishing open access will expose them to predatory publishers. This handbook will help you understand exactly what open access means and how you can go about choosing the right open access route for publishing your paper.

Your Instructor

I am Jayashree Rajagopalan and I am a Senior Writer and Editor at Editage Insights. She isJayashree passionate about scholarly publishing and about helping researchers communicate their discoveries to the world. I create useful resources to help researchers navigate their academic life and publication journey. She has developed informative and educational videos, infographics, puzzles, SlideShare presentations, and learning resources on various aspects of academic research and publishing. She also interviews experienced researchers and publishing professionals to seek their views about various aspects of scholarly publishing and writes about best practices and current topics of discussion in academia and journal publishing.

Before joining the Editage Insights team, Jayashree worked as an academic editor at Editage where she developed a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors. And the experience of working on her own research during her postgraduate degree gave her a taste of a researcher’s life and struggles—from preparing a research paper and building a strong academic network to liaising with journal editors and publishing a journal article.

Jayashree holds two Master’s Degrees—one in English Literature from Mumbai University, India, and another in Children’s Literature from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Outside work, she is an aficionado of comic books, superhero sagas, children’s literature, and the art of storytelling.