13 Things you always wanted to know about open access publishing

13 Things you always wanted to know about open access publishing

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What will you learn?

  1. About open access
  2. Types of open access
  3. About Embargo
  4. Choosing a legitimate open access journal

Why should you enroll?

Today, more and more researchers are exploring open access publishing and many journals, publishers, and funders are considering open access. Open access is being taken more seriously today. The underlying idea is that it helps increase the impact of scientific discovery by making research findings freely accessible. This handbook will help you understand exactly what open access means and how you can go about choosing the right open access route for publishing your paper.

What topics will you cover?

Chapter 1: What is open access?

Chapter 2: How did the idea of open access come up?

Chapter 3: Can only journal articles be open access?

Chapter 4: How will open access help me?

Chapter 5: What are the types of open access publishing?

Chapter 6: Could you tell me more about Green open access?

Chapter 7: How does Gold open access work?

Chapter 8: How does copyright work under open access?

Chapter 9: What is an embargo?

Chapter 10: What are open access mandates?

Chapter 11: Why do researchers hesitate to choose open access publishing?

Chapter 12: How can I choose a legitimate open access journal?

Chapter 13: How can I get more information about an open access repository or journal?