8 Checklists to help you at each stage of your publication journey

8 Checklists to help you at each stage of your publication journey

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Wouldn’t it be great to have handy guidance at each stage of your publication journey – something to make sure you’re on the right path each step of the way? Whether it’s conducting research, writing, or getting it published in a journal, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a bundle of checklists that shares some great tips to help you deal with each stage of the publication journey.

These checklists will help you to -

  • Understand what you need to do at each stage
  • Ensure you are able to get everything right throughout the research and publication process
  • Avoid skipping important steps
  • Write and structure a well-written, well-structured manuscript confidently

What you will find in this digital handbook?

A checklist for each stage of the research and publication journey

  1. Stage 1 – Conducting Research: 15 Characteristics of a good statement of the problem for your research
  1. Stage 2 – Manuscript Writing: A checklist for each section of your research paper
  1. Stage 3 – Journal Selection: 15 Tips to help you choose the best journal for your research
  2. Stage 4 – Journal Submission: Prepare a great journal submission package
  3. Stage 5 – Manuscript Tracking: 8 Things to know after submitting your paper to the journal
  4. Stage 6 – Peer Review: How to write a great rebuttal letter
  5. Stage 7 – Journal Rejection: How to avoid journal rejection
  6. Stage 8 – Post Publication: 12 Tips to help you ace your conference presentation

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This handbook will definitely help you with your entire publication journey.