How to promote your research for greater impact!

How to promote your research for greater impact!

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What's in the Course

If you’ve feel getting your research paper published is enough, it isn’t. You have to DEMONSTRATE impact - you can't stop at publishing in journals.

This course is designed to help you:
1. Identify platforms that are most suitable for you to promote your paper
2. Understand how and where you can build an online profile
3. Create a strategy or plan for promoting your research paper

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 Course Contents

Why you should be thinking about making your research more visible
Let's look at the larger picture
What's in it for you?
A self-searching exercise before we begin
Strategy #1 - Collaborate collaborate collaborate
What is research collaboration?
How will collaboration help you?
Quick tips to help you collaborate
Strategy #2 - Make your identity solid
What’s in a name? Everything!
Commonly asked questions about ORCID and other identifiers
Strategy #3 - Get the main parts of your paper right!
How you say it matters a lot
An effective abstract is the sign of a good research paper
A great title will make your paper stand out
Choose the right keywords to make your paper accessible
Strategy #4 - Open up your research to the world
Open access and visibility go hand in hand
Green and gold OA publishing
Myths about open access publishing
Strategy #5 - Adopt M&M – Mingle and Meet
Why do you need to meet people and network?
Handy networking tips for conference attendees
Strategy #6 - Use social media and researcher platforms
Go social – Use social media to your advantage
You need an online CV
Life saving tips to help you interact online
Strategy #7 - Discover the blogger in you
Why should you blog?
Quick tips to help you blog
Strategy #8 - SHOW your research to people
Why do you need to visualize your research?
Bring your research to life with a graphical abstract
Make a movie about your research with a video abstract
Concluding section
A video on research engagement
Bonus tips: Platforms that help research promotion and engagement
Quick revision
Final assessment
Course completion certificate - information