How to promote your research for greater impact!

How to promote your research for greater impact!

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What will you learn?

  1. What are research collaborations and how they can help your research?
  2. How to create an online identity?
  3. Which parts of the research paper you need to focus on for improved visibility?
  4. Everything you need to know about Open Access
  5. Why is networking important?
  6. Tips to get the most out of conferences
  7. How to use social media and blogs to promote your research?

Why should you enroll?

Why stop at publishing your research? These useful and handy tips will help you extend the reach and impact of your research to a wider audience! This course will help you strategize and create a plan to promote your research effectively. You will learn how research collaborations can not only help your research but also help you advance your career. Understand how conferences work and the best networking tricks and tips, learn why Open Access should matter to authors, and how to use the internet to make your research more discoverable.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Why you should be thinking about making your research more visible

Lecture 2: Collaborate collaborate collaborate

Lecture 3: Make your identity solid

Lecture 4: Get the main parts of your paper right!

Lecture 5: Open up your research to the world

Lecture 6: Adopt M&M – Mingle and Meet

Lecture 7: Use social media and researcher platforms

Lecture 8: Discover the blogger in you!

Lecture 9: Show your research to people

Lecture 10: Concluding section