Avoid common language errors that annoy peer reviewers

Avoid common language errors that annoy peer reviewers

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What's in the Course

Learn how to avoid common errors in your manuscript to ensure publication success.

After this course, you will be able to:
• Identify which common problems are the most obvious to the peer reviewer
• Understand how to minimize these problems
• Ensure that your manuscript has better readability and clarity

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Class Curriculum

Lesson 1 - What peer reviewers expect and why
The peer reviewer perspective
The major distracters
Lesson 2 - Distracter 1: Faulty logic
Fused constructions
Faulty parallelism
Faulty modification
Lesson 3 - Distracter 2: Complex writing style
Why academic writing should not be complex
Bringing a verb in too late
Overusing long, impressive-sounding words
Packing sentences with too much information
Nominalizing verbs
Using noun strings
Lesson 4: Distracter 3: Proofreading errors
Why proofreading matters
How to proofread your manuscript effectively
Final assessment