How to write a research paper abstract - A quick course

How to write a research paper abstract - A quick course

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In this course, you will learn

  • What is the purpose of an abstract?
  • How does the abstract help the reader?
  • What is the biggest benefit of an abstract?
  • What are the different types of abstract?
  • When should you write the abstract?
  • How do you format the abstract?

Why should you enroll?

A research paper abstract is like a movie trailer – the more interesting it is the greater are the chances of readers wanting to know more and reading the whole paper.  

A great abstract is a sure-shot way of ensuring that the journal editor and reviewer will definitely take an interest in your paper and compel them to read all of it!

A great Abstract section not only conveys exactly what the research is all about but also succinctly summarizes the most interesting highlights of the study findings.

If you get your Abstract right, you will certainly increase your chances of acceptance.

This course will guide you through the best way to write a compelling Abstract for your research paper. It will also tell you more about the things you should avoid when writing this section.


Module 1: Movies and research papers

  • How do you decide which movie to watch?
  • What is an Abstract?

Module 2: Importance and types of Abstracts

  • Why you need an Abstract for your research paper
  • The biggest benefit – Abstract save readers’ time
  • Types of Abstracts
  • Case study – Why an author’s paper got rejected

Module 3: How to write the Abstract

  • When should you write the Abstract for your research paper?
  • 10 10-step approach to writing an Abstract
  • 5 Things you should NEVER do when writing the Abstract
  • Have you formatted the Abstract yet?

Module 4: Course summary and quiz

  • Let’s summarize what we learned so far
  • Quiz – Test your understanding

Module 5: A free checklist and bonus tips

  • A checklist to help you get the Abstract right
  • Bonus tips – How to write a show-stopping Title for your research paper

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