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  • Over 40 Immersive and interactive courses for all stages of publication
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Topics covered in the All Access Pass

Comprehensive self-paced courses and reading material to handhold you through all stages of research and publication

List of Topics

Course: Purpose and Audience of Scientific Communication $19

Course: Attributes of Scientific Language $19

Course: An In-depth Academic Publishing Course for Young Researchers $19

Course: Essentials of Grammar $19

Course: Common Grammar mistakes $19

Course: Punctuations Part 1 & 2$19

Course: Style and Word usage $19

Course: Quantitative and Numerical Expressions $19

Course: How to avoid critical language errors in your research paper $19

Course: Prepare and Plan to Write FREE

Course: Literature Search and Review $19

Course: How to write a statement of the problem $19

Course: The IMRAD Structure: Overview course $19

Course: How to write a strong Introduction for your research paper $3.69

Course: How to write the perfect Methods section $19

Course: How to write the most effective Results and Discussion sections $19

Course: How to write a research paper Abstract $19

Course: How to write a grant proposal $19

Handbook: Write a strong introduction section – Make a great first impression $3.69

Handbook: How to make your results stand out: A hands-on guide for researchers $2.49

Handbook: Write a compelling abstract: Practical advice for researchers $4.99

Handbook: Write a convincing discussion section – The key to journal acceptance $4.49

Handbook: Write the perfect Methods section: Showcase your work accurately $2.49

Handbook: How and how not to title your research paper: A handbook for authors $3.49

Handbook: Step by step guide to writing grant proposals $5.99

Course: Avoiding Plagarism $19

Course: Ethical Issues $19

Course: How to avoid retractions & publish ethically $19

Course: Use of visuals to represent information $19

Course: Tables $19

Course: Graphs & charts $19

Course: Illustrations $19

Course: Visual Aids $19

Course: Laboratory Notebooks $19

Course: Oral Presentations $19

Course: Poster Presentations $19

Course: Scientific Dissertations $19

Course: Scientific Journal Articles $19

Course: SHow to write a research report $19

Course: A simple guide on how to write a thesis $19

Course: Scientific communication and the internet $19

Course: Understanding citations and references $19

Course: Learn about final checks and revisions before manuscript submission $19

Course: An overview of the peer review process $19

Course: Responding to peer reviewer comments $19

Handbook: Pre-submission package to give your manuscript the best shot at acceptance $7.19

Handbook: Keep calm and wait: A guide to understanding journal statuses $4.99

Handbook: A practical handbook of templates for communicating with the journal $14.99

Course: How to write for a global audience $19

Course: Scientific communication and the internet $19

Course: Understanding trademarks and copyrights $19

Course: Understanding patents and research $19

Course: How to promote your research for greater impact! $19

Course: Peer Review Training $200

Handbook: 8 Checklists to help you at each stage of your publication journey $19.99

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Frequently asked Questions 

Q: If I don’t like the All Access Pass, will I get my money back? 
A: We're sure you'll love this All Access Pass, but if you don't, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Q: Will I get a certificate?
A: Yes, you will receive a certificate on request once you’ve completed all courses.

Q: Can I access this on-the-go?
A: Yes, you can learn on-the-go as our platform is accessible on smartphones and tabs.

Q: How many courses and handbooks can I access with the All Access Pass?
A; You can access all the courses and handbooks in our library.

Q: For how long can I access these with the All Access Pass?
A: The All Access Pass gives you unlimited access to all the courses and handbooks for a year.

Q: What will I need to access these courses?
A: One you buy the All Access Pass, all you need is a laptop, tab or a smartphone and a working internet connection. Register and begin your publication journey.

Q: Why are the courses and handbooks only in English?

A: Globally, researchers have to navigate through the publication journey in English. Whether it’s submitting your manuscript to a journal or responding to peer reviewer comments, researchers need to communicate in English to become published authors.   

Q: English is not my first language. Will these courses help me?
A: These courses have especially been designed to help non-native English-speaking authors globally in their publishing endeavors.

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