Write the perfect Methods section - Showcase your work accurately

Write the perfect Methods section - Showcase your work accurately

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Wouldn’t it be the best testimonial to your research if someone reproduces your findings successfully? And what better way there is to make this possible than writing a detailed and easy-to-comprehend Materials and Methods section!

This will help you to

  1. Draft a well-written methods section
  2. Enhance the credibility of your research
  3. Give you tips, checklists, videos, and expert guidelines
  4. Arm you with all the nitty-gritties of writing an effective Materials and Methods section

What you will find in this digital handbook?

  1. Of recipes and materials & methods
  2. What comprises this section
    • Who was the subject of the study?
    • What was done in the study?
    • What were the controls used?
    • How was the study performed?
    • How were the results analyzed?
  3. Ethical concerns
  4. Some Dos and Don’ts when presenting the materials and methods
  5. A checklist for a final once-over
  6. Conclusion

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This handbook covers everything you need to better articulate your results.

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