Write the perfect Methods section: Showcase your work accurately

Write the perfect Methods section: Showcase your work accurately

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What’s in the handbook?

Wouldn’t it be the best testimonial to your research if someone reproduces your findings successfully? And what better way there is to make this possible than writing a detailed and easy-to-comprehend Materials and Methods section! If well written, this section will enhance the credibility of your research and, in the long run, of science too. This handbook, which includes tips, checklists, videos, and expert guidelines will arm you with all the nitty-gritties of writing an effective great Materials and Methods section.

About the author

Sneha Kulkarni is Managing Editor and Senior Writer & Editor, Editage Insights. She has Sneha Kulkarniover seven years’ experience of working with authors. Her passion to bridge the communication gap in the research community led her to her current role of developing and designing content for researchers and authors. She writes original discussion and comment articles that provide researchers and publishers a platform to voice their opinion. Sneha likes to keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in the publishing industry and publishes content that helps researchers, publishers, and industry experts as well to stay ahead of the curve. Her interest in understanding the malpractices rampant in academia and ways to counter them led her to publish a paper in Learned Publishing titled “What causes peer review scams and how can they be prevented?” (DOI 10.1002/leap.1031). The complete list of her published content can be found here: https://www.editage.com/insights/users/sneha-kulkarni.

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